About me

a geographer.

I am a post-doc at Christian-Albrechts-Universit├Ąt zu Kiel, working in the geography department (link to working group) for the CRC1266 "Scales of Transformation". Our aim is to gain an understanding of transformation processes within (pre-)historic societies by means of integrated modeling frameworks.

For more information and updates about the project work visit our project page at github here or our general page here.

You can find my publications on researchgate or academia.

Together with Oliver Nakoinz I authored an introductory book for students on "Modelling Human Behaviour in Landscapes". You can find the book at Springer; the code repository of the book is on github. We would be happy if you send us pull requestes to advance and elaborate the code and/or to introdce new materials and methods.

Some of my teaching material (related to modelling and kind of redundant) is also on github (mila, PGIS_ESR-512)

I am active member of Initiative for Statistical Analysis in Archaeology Kiel (ISAAK)